Viper RT/10CS and GTS/CS


Limited to 50*

Carroll Shelby and Dan Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports, friends for more than 35 years, collaborated through Dan’s company Fitzgerald Motorsports to create the Carroll Shelby Limited Edition Viper Roadster.

The Shelby Viper started with the formidable Viper RT/10, and later the GTS, and toke it to a new level of enhanced performance and custom styling. The cars bore Shelby’s handiwork from nose to tail.

Modifications included an open Cobra–style front grille reminiscent of the classic roadsters, a rear contour spoiler, and a striped composite hard top and front and rear custom CS emblems.

In keeping with Shelby’s of old, the plan was to give it a Wimbledon white exterior with Guardsman blue strips wraps a black custom interior with full leather seats embroidered with the CS logo in blue and white.

Some of the finer touches included custom engineered wheels with a CS center cap logo, custom windshield graphics, a 4–point street legal Schroth harness on both seats, a Shelby signed leather steering wheel and an upgraded alarm system.

Carroll Shelby’s signature was also found on the glove box door, sail panel, or front fender.


Both sides of the targa bar bore Shelby signatures. An engraved data plate was installed under the hood and the glove compartment door was personally hand signed and numbered by Carroll Shelby.

All CS Vipers came with a letter of authenticity and a photo log of the car’s conversion signed by Fitzgerald Motorsports and Carroll Shelby.

The CS Roadster also received an additional performance boost with an improved rear axle gear ratio, free flow air cleaner and exhaust and high-performance ignition wires contribute to an added 35 hp, all kept in line with a new heavy duty suspension.

Fitzgerald Motorsports was the only dealer authorized to build Shelby Vipers. There was never a Chrysler factory “Shelby Package” for the Viper.

These Shelbys are unique in the fact that they were modified outside of Chrysler Dodge by Fitzgerald Motorsports. These are different from Dodge vehicles manufactured by Dodge with Dodge Shelby options such as the Shelby Chargers and Daytonas.

They are also different from Shelby vehicles manufactured by Shelby Automobile like Cobras, Series One, and Shelby Dodges (Shelby CSX, Shelby Dakota, etc.). 

*Production did not meet the planned 50 

Fitzgerald built only 19 Shelby Vipers: 18 1995/1996 RTs were built (16 white with blue stripes, 1 blue white stripes, 1 black with gold emblem on the hood) and one 1997 GTS Shelby S/C (Street Competition) which was red with gold stripes. 

The GTS had exhaust modifications, intake modifications, computer upgrade, hi-performance plug wires, 3.73 rear axle vs. the stock 3.07, 18″ wheels, 4 pt. harness, Cobra front grill styling, full leather custom interior with Carroll Shelby embroidered signatures, Carroll Shelby logo’s and VIN plate. 

Brochure Information on the Shelby Viper RT/10CSEXTERIOR COLORS

Original 1965 Shelby Wimbledon white with Guardsman blue racing strips. All cars are completely clear coated after painting.BODY MODIFICATIONS

  • Cobra style front bumper opening
  • Rear contour spoiler
  • Front and rear custom CS emblems
  • All Viper emblems painted Guardsman blue with CS logo
  • Side pipe shields painted blue
  • Carroll Shelby signatures on both sides of targa bars


  • Custom interior completely done in black, featuring leather seats with CS logo embroidered in blue.
  • Shelby signed leather steering wheel
  • Custom carpet mats, with large CS logo
  • As painted Guardsman blue with CS logo
  • Glove compartment door personally hand signed and numbered by Carroll Shelby
  • Engraved data plate installed under the hood
  • Full leather shift knob


  • Italian custom engineered three piece wheels with CS center cap logo
  • Hard top with LeMans striping of Guardsman blue (hard top of composites)
  • Schroth® street legal harnesses installed on both seats in matching blue
  • Custom CS windshield graphics
  • Upgraded alarm by Viper® featuring shock sensor, starter disengage, plus remote operated door lock and unlock system and remote drivers door opener.


  • Free-flow exhaust with catalytic converters
  • Hi-performance ignition wires
  • Free-flow air cleaners
  • Rear axle gear ratio swap to 3:73 to 1 ratio (stock = 3:00 to 1)
  • Speedometer correction control box
  • Suspension modifications include heavy duty sway bar, adjusted shock settings and specially designed bump steer kit.

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