CSX Prototypes

CSX Prototypes

1987 Shelby CSX Prototype


Three 1987 CSX prototypes were produced. They originally came from Dodge in red. Carroll Shelby repainted them black. The prototype ground effects were sculptured in clay and molded directly onto the car. The grille was a regular Shadow part modified to look like a CSX.

The radiator was a pre-production intercooler configuration custom made by Shelby. The Prototype CSXs came with factory power mirrors/light group. These were not options available on the production models.

The lower section was painted gray where as the regular production used a long gray decal. The Shelby dash plaque was marked “Proto 1”, “Proto 2” and “Proto 3”.


1988 Shelby CSX X7 Prototype

Shelby built a prototype CSX with a Lotus-designed DOHC 16-valve cylinder head and a VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) turbocharger.

Instead of a wastegate, the VNT had moveable stainless steel vanes inside that regulated the amount of exhaust gasses going past the turbine. The prototype made 225 bhp.


The description below is from the 2008 Barrett Jackson auction.This Shelby CSX was a prototype used in the development of the Shelby CSX program with Chrysler.

This amazing piece of Carroll Shelby history was purchased directly from Shelby at his “Garage Sale” in Newport Beach, California, in 1994. After the sale, Shelby signed the hood with a screwdriver that is documented with photos.

Shelby had all of the Vehicle Identification Numbers removed prior to the sale and the car carries only the Shelby Prototype number HP42213X7 on a Shelby tag affixed under the hood. HP42213X7 runs and drives exceptionally with spectacular performance that surprised everyone but Carroll Shelby.

Included with the sale is a prototype aluminum head for the 2.2 Liter Shelby CSX. The 1988 Shelby CSX was introduced during the spring of 1987 and used most of the same suspension and brake upgrades as on the Lancer, but in a smaller, lighter package.

The run of 750 cars had black with silver/gray air dam and lower body cladding. Blue insignia, a special grille opening, a boost gauge integrated into the dash, and painted insets in the Centurion wheels set this car off as subtle, but its performance was far from it.

This user-friendly performance car won praise from those who drove it fast – especially those who had gotten used to the vices of the faster GLHS – quick reactions weren’t necessary to keep a driver out of trouble on a bumpy track at race speeds, and the brakes inspired confidence. “

Motor Trend” ran a press car up to top speed for a test and clocked it at 148 mph – a figure that today begs more questions than it answers.

1990 Shelby CSX Prototype

Two of the 500 1989 CSX-VNTs were pulled to build the 1990 CSX prototypes. However, Chrysler and Shelby decided to part ways and the prototypes were never completed.

The ’90 Shelby CSX was to have been powered by a Turbo III 220-plus horsepower DOHC 16V 2.2 engine co-developed by Lotus, using the A-568 trans with a limited slip differential, and a leather Recaro interior.

The blue car would have had gold insignia, gray interior and a price tag of over $22,000.

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