C/S Packages

Daytona Turbo Z CS packages

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby

1986 Daytona Turbo Z C/S

The C/S package was first introduced in 1986 and was the only year this particular package was offered. It was a performance handling upgrade available only on the top-of-the-line Daytona Turbo Z.

The maximum performance package included:

  • 32mm solid front sway bar (upgraded from the stock 27mm)
  • 28mm solid rear bar (stock was tubular)
  • Performance tuned stocks and struts
  • 15 x 6.5 inch cast aluminum “crab” wheels with P225/50VR15 Goodyear Gatorback tires
  • C/S badges on the fenders behind the front wheel wells

Except for the C/S badges, it became standard equipment on the ’87 Daytona Shelby Z.

1987 — There were no optional C/S Packages available this year.

1988 Daytona C/S Performance Package (Available on the Daytona base model only)

Brand new for 1988, this special package gives the Daytona the “enthusiasts touch”. The C/S package was available with both the five-speed standard manual transmission as well as the optional three-speed automatic.

The C/S Performance Package Includes:

  • 2.2-liter EFI Turbo I engine
  • 15 inch x 6.5 inch “crab” road wheels
  • Maximum control steering
  • P205/60R15 steel-belted radial all-weather performance tires
  • Performance handling suspension
  • Performance-tuned exhaust with bright tip
  • Power-assisted four-wheel disc brakes
  • ES/ES Turbo-type rear deck spoiler
  • Turbo boost gauge
  • Special Turbo decals and C/S badging

Exterior colors available with C/S Performance Package:

  • Black Cherry Pearl Coat
  • Flash Red
  • Black

1989 Daytona C/S Packages (Available on the base model Daytona only)

The C/S Performance Package differed little from the previous year. The only changes were switching to 15 inch x 6 inch Eurocast aluminum “snowflake” wheels and adding a power bulge hood with “Turbo” decals.

The C/S Competition Package was a new package added to the 1989 line-up. It was a more robust version of the previous performance package.

And although the Performance Package was still available with either five-speed or automatic transmissions, the C/S Competition Package was only available with a five-speed manual transaxle.

  • Intercooled Turbo II engine with heavy duty five-speed manual trans
  • 15 inch x 6.5 inch cast aluminum wheels
  • Shelby-type maximum performance suspension
  • Ultra-high performance four-wheel disc brakes
  • Performance bucket seats
  • Tilt steering column
  • ES/ES Turbo-type rear deck spoiler
  • C/S badging
  • Turbo boost gauge
  • Power bulge hood with “Intercooled Turbo” decals
  • Performance tuned exhaust
  • P225/50VR15 Goodyear Gatorback speed-rated unidirectional tires

Exterior colors availability with both C/S Performance Package and C/S Competition Package were the same as the C/S Performance Package from 1988.

1990 Daytona C/S Packages

The C/S Performance package was identical to 1989 except that is was no longer available with an automatic transmission. It was also the last year the Performance Package was offered.

The C/S Competition Package was nearly identical to the previous year with the following exceptions:

  • Intercooled VNT Turbo IV engine with high-capacity five-speed manual transaxle
  • Power bulge hood with “VNT Intercooled” decals
  • Performance tuned stainless Pentasteel exhaust
  • Goodyear Eagle GT P225/50VR15 speed-rated unidirectional performance radial tires

Exterior colors available with C/S Packages

  • Flash Red
  • Black
  • Daytona Blue Metallic
  • Bright Whites

1991 Daytona C/S Competition Package

The C/S Competition was still produced into the 1991 model year with a few alterations. The most noteworthy was the power plant: now that the Turbo II was dead, the high-torque Turbo I took its place.

  • High-capacity manual transmission
  • 16 inch x 6.0 inch “pumper” wheels with 205/55-16 Gatorback tires
  • Hood bulge decals that ‘TURBO’ decals

As in prior years, no automatic transmission was offered

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