Mark Miller

1989 Shelby Van

Yes, you read that correctly — There was a Shelby Dodge B250 Safari Conversion van In 1989 there were a number of Shelby Dodge B250 vans built by Safari Vans, a van conversion company located in Southern California. Not much is known about these vans other than as with the Durango in 1999, it was a licensing …

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89-90 Shelby Daytona

1989-1990 Shelby Daytona

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby 1989 1989 included a number of changes and revisions. The ‘Z’ designation was dropped. It received a new more streamlined front-end treatment that included cooling slots and a lower air dam to help improve wind dynamics. This gave it a distinct “wraparound” look. A power …

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91 Daytona Shelby IROC

1991 Daytona Shelby IROC

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby Base price: $13,005 1991 could be considered a transition year. Chrysler and Shelby had decided to part ways regarding licensing the “Shelby” name for Dodge products in America, so 1990 was the last full year for the Daytona Shelby. This same year Chrysler had taken …

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88-89 Dodge Lancer

1988-1989 Dodge Lancer

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby Base price: $16,530 The 1988-1989 Lancer Shelby was Dodge’s version of the Shelby Lancer. As with the Shelby Lancer, it was based on the sporty Dodge Lancer ES. It was basically a factory appearance and handling package.Inside, all Lancer Shelbys featured a generous list of …

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Daytona Turbo Z CS packages

C/S Packages

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby 1986 Daytona Turbo Z C/S The C/S package was first introduced in 1986 and was the only year this particular package was offered. It was a performance handling upgrade available only on the top-of-the-line Daytona Turbo Z. The maximum performance package included: 32mm solid front …

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1987-1989 CSX

Based on the Dodge Shadow ES — Modified and sold as Shelbys The Shelby CSX (Carroll Shelby experimental) was the fourth model in the Shelby/Dodge series of limited-production high performance vehicles. These cars were offered by Shelby Automobiles Inc. from 1987 through 1989. With the CSX, Carroll Shelby showed that you could take an ordinary four-cylinder …

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CSX Prototypes

CSX Prototypes

1987 Shelby CSX Prototype Three 1987 CSX prototypes were produced. They originally came from Dodge in red. Carroll Shelby repainted them black. The prototype ground effects were sculptured in clay and molded directly onto the car. The grille was a regular Shadow part modified to look like a CSX. The radiator was a pre-production intercooler …

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90 Daytona Concept

1990 Daytona Concept

The 1990 Dodge Daytona R/T Concept Car was an aerodynamically and technically sophisticated high-performance design. The 2+2 sport coupe concept had an integrated whale tail, flush side glass, a glass roof and aggressive ground effects. Many of the design elements of the concept would appear on the 1992-1993 Daytonas including the fixed headlights, one-piece tail …

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Shelby Ram Prototype

Shelby Ram Prototype

The full-size Ram D150 pickup prototype was a Dodge Design Center one-of-a-kind. The exterior featured the Shelby Charger color scheme of Santa Fe Blue and Radiant Silver finished off with the standard Shelby striping. Along with that it received a custom fiberglass tonneau cover, roll bar with a row of off-road lights, side skirts, and …

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91-92 Spirit RT

1991-1992 Spirit R/T

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby What do all these Dodge R/Ts have in common? The Turbo III — a turbocharged, intercooled 2.2 liter with a Lotus DOHC 16-valve head. Output was 224 hp at 6000 rpm and 217 lb·ft at 2800 rpm. Redline is set at 6500 with a fuel …

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