1999 Shelby Durango SP360

99 Shelby Durango SP360

Used Shelby cosmetic parts and bore his name, but sold under the Dodge marquee


Limited to 3,000*

Base price: $36,000

A group of independent tuners built a Super Pursuit Durango that premiered at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show. The concept used a supercharged Kenne Bell 5.0-liter (360cid) Dodge Magnum V8. Output was 360hp @ 4000rpm and 412 lb-ft torque and went from 0-60 in 7.1 seconds.

Top speed was 142 mph.Making a positive impression, the next step was to bring the project to market. That’s where Carroll Shelby came into the picture. Shelby agreed to lend his name to the performance-oriented SUV that became the Shelby SP360.

For improved handling it included DJM engineering’s suspension and lowering package. Stillen provided an optional, race-inspired brake system, using AP Racing six-piston calipers, and cross-drilled, vented disc/disc, ABS.

As with previous Dodge Shelby creations the SP360 was only available in one color — Viper metallic blue. Two white broad racing stripes ran down the center of the truck.

RaceTruck Trends provided the body kit which included a front fascia with integral driving lights, rear fascia, side skirts and twin intake composite hood.

The interior received Cerullo leather front seats with the classic Shelby logo embroidered on the seat backs designed which were specifically for the SP360. AMA provides the carbon-fiber interior trim. A special serial numbered “Shelby Signature” plaque was mounted to the dash.


Sold through any Dodge dealer and assembled at authorized conversion companies around the country.*Dodge had planned on a run of only 3000 SP360s, but the actual production number was minuscule.

Special note: Star Coach, one of the authorized conversion companies, offered a special “Super Pursuit II” conversion that could be personalized with as much of the SP360 package as the customer wanted; plus some other items not available as part of the SP360 package.

These were not “true” Shelby SP360s and did not have a numbered plaque.

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