1989-1990 Shadow Competition

1989-1990 Shadow Competition

Used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby 


The competition package was a no frills performance handling package available for two years on the Shadow base model. There were no ground effects or fog lights. The interior came with the low back buckets from the base model.

There was no armrest, no power seats, power mirrors or power windows. The body was available in all the Shadow ES colors. An intereesting feature for the competition models, which was absent on the 1989 CSX, was the addition of “power bulge” hood with the usual turbo decal.

It also came with a standard rear deck lid spoiler. A/C was available as an option. The 15-inch “pumper” wheels wore 195/60HR all-season performance tires.

The special sport suspension came with front and rear sway bars, Ultra High Performance 4-wheel disc brakes, performance exhaust system, boost gauge and firm power steering.

The 1989 model year came with a 150 hp 2.5 liter Turbo I engine on standard equipment Shadow ES vehicles.

The ’89 competition vechicles were actually slated for Shelby’s conversion process but with high costs, low CSX-VNT sales, and the dwindling relationship between Chrysler and Carroll Shelby, they were optioned and sold as ES vehicles.

For 1990 there were two main differences. It now included the intercooled VNT Turbo IV engine which was bundled exclusively with the A568 heavy-duty 5-speed transmission.

On the outside, the hood bulge decal now read “Intercooled VNT”.The 1990 model year was short-lived however, and the program was cancelled within the first months after a mear 30 vehicles were produced. 

300 in 1989
30 in 1990

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