1985-1987 Shelby Charger

1985-1987 Shelby Charger

Modified by Shelby and bore his name, but sold under the Dodge marquee


Priced under $9,600

The 1985 Charger Shelby remained an aggressive front-wheel drive sports car that was further improved with the addition of the 2.2-liter four-cylinder Turbo I engine: a Garrett AiResearch T3 turbocharger and Chrysler/Bosch multiple-point fuel injection cranked out a max pressure boost of 8psi, with a close-ratio five-speed, 2.57:1 overall top gear ratio, better brakes, stiffer suspension, and pedals designed for heel/toe shifting.

This, teamed with the standard performance-geared close-ratio five-speed overdrive transaxle increased power to 146 hp at 5200 rpm, while torque increased to 168 lb-ft at 3600 rpm. The final-drive ratio was returned to 3.56:1.

This increased power allowed for 0-60 runs in 7.8 seconds with a quarter mile ET of 15.9 at 85 mph; top speed was up to 124 mph. 

The front suspension was redesigned to allow the use of equal-length half-shafts. New low-profile P205/50VR-15 Eagle steel-belted, speed-rated radials mounted on new 5-lug 15-inch cast aluminum “pizza” wheels. It featured gas-charged front struts and gas-charged rear shocks.

Two new exterior color schemes were added: Black with silver stripe/trim and Garnet red with silver stripe/trim. This brought the total available color schemes to four.

On the inside, the interior was redesigned and featured much-improved premium high-back bucket seats that still bore the embroidered CS logo. A full-gauge Rallye instrument cluster included a 7000 rpm tachometer and a trip odometer. The standard radio was upgraded to the AM/FM stereo unit.


Santa Fe Blue Crystal Coat/Radiant Silver Crystal Coat
Radiant Silver Crystal Coat/Santa Fe Blue Crystal Coat
Black Crystal Coat/ Radiant Silver Crystal Coat


Standard on Shelby Charger: Cloth high-back full control premium bucket seats with integral head restraints, reclining seatbacks, and increased lateral support. Available in Blue/Silver and Charcoal/Silver.


Air conditioning
 — Rear Window
Sun Roof — Removable glass
Tonneau cover — Rear cargo area


AM/FM Premium Stereo — Electronic running seek-and-scan, cassette player with automatic reverse, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) four speaker sound, integral digital clock

AM/FM Stereo 36-Watt Ultimate Sound System — Electronic tuning, memory scan, up-and-down scan, cassette player with automatic reverse and metal tape capability, DNR, five-channel graphic equalizer, joystick balance/fader control, four-speaker sound, ambience and control, integral digital clock


Protection Group – Included: Floor mats, front and rear — Undercoating

Sun-Sound-Shade Discount Package — Included: sun roof with vinyl storage bag and cargo tie-downs — black light louver — electronically tuned AM/FM stereo with integral digital clock (std on Shelby Charger)

Production: 7,709

  • 439 silver
  • 843 blue
  • 2,581 red
  • 3,846 black


Base Price: $9,315

Little changed in 1986, except for the addition of the third brake light.

Production: 7,669

  • 387 silver
  • 793 blue
  • 2,994 red
  • 3,495 black


The 1987 was perhaps the rarest Shelby Charger Turbo as this would be the last year of Shelby Charger production and the last year of the front-wheel-drive Charger.

As with 1986, this year was mostly carryover. In fact, the production was cut short and the last 1,000 cars were sold to Carroll Shelby himself. They would become the ’87 Charger GLHS.

The rear window louver, sunroof, and premium cassette stereo, previously options, were now standard. A/C continued to be an option. Inside, the armrest was dropped entirely.

Both the Santa Fe Blue and Radiant Silver exterior color schemes were dropped, along with the blue/silver interior.

Production: 1,011

  • 445 red
  • 566 black

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