1984-1986 Omni GLH

84-86 Omni GLH

Modified by Shelby and sold under the Dodge marque



Base price: $7,358
($5,830 Omni plus $1,528 for the GLH option)

The Omni had already been in production for six years when Shelby choose the 1984 model year as his second car to use in his plan to improve Dodge’s sporty image. It was a performance package available on the standard Omni.

The suspension was virtually identical to the Shelby Charger with 30% stiffer springs in the front and 15% stiffer springs in the rear than the regular Omni suspension. These modifications lowered the car an inch all around.

Shelby used the same enhanced high-output carbureted 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder SOHC that was used in the Shelby Charger and was matched to a five-speed manual transaxle. It used a special camshaft, milled block (.020) to bring up the compression, and a chrome engine dress-up valve cover.

It produced 24 more horsepower than the standard Omni’s optional Chrysler 2.2-liter engine. The ’84 GLH was not available with a turbocharger.

With its reduced weight and aerodynamics, the GLH hit 60 in only 8.7 seconds, turned a 16.7 ET at 81 mph, and topped out at 106 mph.

Additional Shelby Charger carryovers included the quicker 14:1 ratio steering rack and larger 10.2 in discs and 8.7-in drums. The GLH wore P195/60HR15 Goodyear tires on 4-lug 15-inch aluminum “Swiss cheese” wheels.

Although Shelby’s name and usual ground effects and other cosmetic additions were left off the car, he did provide the acronym GLH because the car “goes like hell.” The standard Omni interior remained untouched.

The exterior had monochrome paint, blacked-out trim and bumpers. Fog lamps were added under the front bumper.Production: 3,285



Base Price: $7,350 (non-turbo); $8,885 (turbo)

In addition to the standard 110 hp high-output carbureted engine, the optional Turbo I engine was added to the lineup. This was the same turbocharged engine as the Shelby Charger.

It produced 145 hp at 5200 rpm, 168 hp @ 3200 rpm torque, went from 0-60 in 8.1 seconds and 16.2 at 85.5 mph in the ¼ mile with a top speed of 119 mph. The GLH turbo was upgraded to equal-length half shafts.

The ’85 GLH performance package included Chrysler’s “direct-connection” designed after-market Omni ground effects kit, black side skirts and front air dam, vented hood and GLH or GLH Turbo decals.

The driving lamps were now integrated into the air dam. New 5-lug 15×6-in aluminum “pizza” wheels replaced the 4-lugs.Production: 6,513 (3,004 non-turbo; 3,509 turbo)



Base Price: $7,620 (non-turbo); $10,014 (turbo)

This was the last year for the GLH. About the only change that occurred in 1986 was the addition of a third brake light in the hatch. The 2.2-liter was still standard, and the turbo was still optional.Production: 3,129 (882 non-turbo; 2,247 turbo)

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