The intention of this website is to provide an overview of the Shelby Dodge vehicles.

These are vehicles that were:
  • Inspired by
  • Modified by
  • Contained Shelby-modified parts but did not have direct involvement by Carroll Shelby

It is not intended to compete with, but to complement, websites already in existence.  There are many sites that contain information on one or more of the Shelby Dodge vehicles — from those specific to a particular model to those that include Dodge Shelby as more of a side note.

This site’s goal is to provide one centralized location for information on all of the Shelby Dodge vehicles.

This site will not go into details of the individual vehicles although there may be links to sites that provide such information.

The intent is not to provide any personal information about the owners (past, present, or future), but rather a glimpse into the life of the vehicle itself.

I hope that you find this information both informative and helpful. And perhaps even clear up some mystery about these lesser-known Carroll Shelby creations.


Thank you for visiting

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